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        Exhibition style to promote development

        Morning meeting is a kind of management method that all employees gather together to greet each other, exchange information and arrange work 5-10 minutes before going to work. Morning meeting is a place for personnel to arrive, activity publication, operation guidance, production summary, attention arousing, training and education, and information exchange; It is conducive to the construction of team spirit; It can produce a good mental outlook, cultivate the whole staff's civilization and politeness, improve the level of managers themselves, improve the efficiency of work arrangement, and form the habit of abiding by the regulations.

        "The plan of a day is in the morning, and the plan of a year is in the spring." In order to further inspire the staff's work morale, enhance the team awareness of the team, strengthen the staff's work passion, strengthen the workshop management level, and improve the staff's work morale, Hualian company issued the notice on the evaluation activities of 2021 morning meeting on January 8, 2021.
        The notice stipulates that the morning meeting competition is divided into monthly competition and quarterly competition. The monthly evaluation is that each workshop Department organizes its own employees to hold morning meeting activities at 7:20 every day, and the scoring judges on duty will score the implementation of the morning meeting of each unit, and conduct monthly summary evaluation, with a first prize of 500 yuan per month; The second prize is 300 yuan; The third prize is 200 yuan. The quarterly evaluation is the centralized competition of each workshop department, and the morning meeting is held in turn. The judges are responsible for scoring on the spot, and the overall evaluation is carried out according to the monthly morning meeting evaluation of each unit in the current quarter. One first prize is set at 800 yuan; The second prize is 500 yuan; The third prize is 300 yuan.


        The competition is divided into three agenda: the first agenda is to show each unit in the morning meeting one by one, and the judges will score on the spot to select the first to the third place; The second agenda is the speech by Guo Xiang, executive vice president; The third agenda is for Lin Dilei, general manager, to present a banner and a prize to the workshop of the winning department.

        First agenda, morning meeting presentation and evaluation

        (judges: Chen lingnu, manager of finance department, Qi Jiandong, manager of production department, Guo Xiang, executive deputy general manager, Lin Dilei, general manager, Du Quanwei, manager of Technology Department, Qi Qiang, sales director and Lin Lingli, chief technical engineer)

        (the name of the press workshop morning meeting team: Dawn team slogan: don't manufacture, don't receive and don't flow out defective products.)

        (sintering workshop)    Team name: front team    Slogan: go all the way and win.)

        (Seiko workshop morning meeting team name: unlimited team slogan: control size, make good products.)

        (team name of packaging workshop morning meeting: fighting team slogan: I'm not afraid of difficulties, I don't find interfaces, I find ways.)

        (property control department)    Team name: self improvement team    Slogan: initiative, self-discipline.)

        (mould workshop morning meeting team name: Vanguard slogan: surpass dream, create brilliance together.)

        (team name of quality control department: excellent team slogan: quality leads to market, improvement leads to tomorrow.)

        On the second agenda, Mr. Guo, executive vice president, made a speech
        Guo made a summary statement on the organization of the early meeting in January April of each unit, and affirmed the progress of the implementation of the early meeting of each unit. He said that the enthusiasm of employees participating in the early meeting was improving, the contents of the early meeting of each unit were rich, and the skills of the presenters' speeches were improved, and the meeting had become an indispensable part of the corporate culture of Hualian company, Each unit must be improving.

        At the same time, according to the contents announced by the early meeting of each unit and the problems in the operation of the company in the near future, Guo has expounded the arrangement, requirements and objectives of the work tasks from warehouse management, planned production scheduling, mold manufacturing, mold installation and adjustment process, recruitment of first-line employees, quality control and equipment automation.
        Finally, Guo stressed that all units must do well in the early meeting management, unite people, effectively communicate and truly strive for all members. Only in this way can we achieve "work hard for 100 days, fight for three quarters and resolutely accomplish all the goals and tasks of the whole year".

        (Guo Xiang, executive vice president)

        Third, awards
        After scoring by the jury group and combining with the early accounting score in April, it is finally determined that:
        First place: quality control department second place: packaging workshop third place: Material Control Department
        Mr. Lin, general manager of the company, congratulated the above-mentioned winning departments and presented the banner and bonus. At the same time, he hoped that all units would make persistent efforts.

        The content of the morning meeting is to summarize yesterday's work, deploy today's tasks, emphasize matters needing attention, and deliver the latest news. The purpose of the morning meeting is to improve the mental outlook of employees, create team culture, focus on corporate culture and improve core competitiveness. More persistence, more harvest; Long persistence, long growth.