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        New employee training | meet a better self in Hualian

        At 17:00 p.m. on March 22, the administration department organized the induction training for the first batch of new employees in 2021, which was attended by more than 30 new employees.

        This training aims to let the new partners understand and understand the China Federation, integrate them into the family of Hualian as soon as possible, better adapt to the post and carry out work. That night, manager Qiu described the development process of Hualian company, expounded the development concept of the company, introduced the industry advantages and advanced equipment of the company, and explained the company's rules and regulations in detail.

        In order to create a harmonious working environment, every employee has the obligation to love our common home. Therefore, we need to be familiar with the company's rules and regulations through training, understand the company's products and equipment, abide by the factory rules and regulations, unite colleagues, love and dedication, so as to realize our own value and gain a happy life in our career.

        With the expectation of a new job, the vision of future life and the persistent pursuit of dreams, we gather in Hualian and believe that after hard work, we can meet better ourselves.

        Our benefits:
        1. canteen: 4 yuan / meal;
        2. free accommodation;
        3. red bag for Spring Festival;
        4. holiday gifts and birthday gifts;
        5. full attendance award;
        6. excellent staff travel;
        7. service age Award;
        8. employee recommendation Award: 500 yuan;
        9. reward for returning to factory for old employees: 400 yuan for the employee who has entered the post in the month after six months;
        10. five risks.