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        Goddess day welfare: every one of her, there is no substitute

        March, a beautiful month, thousands of miles of warblers cry green red, willow green with the wind, in this beautiful season, there is a beautiful day - March 8 international labor women's day. On this day, Hualian sent the Festival welfare and strong blessing to nearly 60 female workers.

        Gift includes: one gift box, a bunch of carnations, and a green and elegant paper towel.
        At 15 p.m. that day, the staff of the administrative department and several women colleagues who came to help were busy in the hall. They classified and placed the gifts one by one. When the female colleagues from all departments came to collect them, they sent gifts and gave blessings.

        (photo: bees busy distributing welfare)
        Nowadays, it is an era in which women are not inferior to men. Women can hold up half of the sky, create wisdom and wealth. Every woman deserves to be loved, to be treated with tenderness and to have a better life. March 8 women's Day welfare is the company's exclusive welfare for every female employee, which reflects the company's recognition and praise for every working female compatriot. In Hualian, March 8 Festival welfare will be paid on schedule every year.

        A series of laughter, a scene of warm feelings, to busy work add a warm feeling, but also to ordinary life bring joy and joy.

        (screenshot of circle of friends: family members of Hualian share their joy)
        In fact, every woman has multiple identities: mother, wife, daughter, female colleague, female classmate, girlfriend, cute girl, woman man, Queen... No matter what kind of identity and posture, it is the most beautiful color in the world.